You are constantly looking for new host sites, relay gourmet quality tourist area? We welcome you to the best of Domaine of Ahinvaux.

Located in the Valley between Bocq Crupet Yvoir and we will welcome you in a real green oasis of 15 hectares.

  • Home groups 30-100 people
  • 3 course meal at 20 euros:-course dessert cafe and 2 drinks
  • Meals of the driver available for a minimum of 30 people
  • Only on reservation 8 days in advance
  • Payment on

We can also prepare you for a day or half / day in the tourist map from our partners: leisure and recreational visits, such as:

  • Draisines de la Molignée - 7 kms
  • Warnant snails - 6 kms
  • Brewery Caracole Tour - 15 kms
  • Brewery Bocq Tour - 8 kms
  • Paint-ball - 10 Kms...

So many activities that appeal to your day-trippers.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

You can reach us already

Attention : Caution :
Template coaches allowed to access the Domaine of Ahinvaux (passing below a bridge): Mercedes Connecto and Tourino - Irisbus recreational - Vanhoolant CL or similar

For all other types of cars - possibility of parking at the Grotto of Lourdes ND: 300 m walk to the passengers.

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Le Domaine d'Ahinvaux
Fonds d'Ahinvaux, 1
5530 Yvoir ( Belgique )
Road-Yvoir Crupet
in front of N-D de Lourdes cave

Tél. : +32 (0)82/74.54.64
Mobile : +32 (0)476/63.69.70
Mobile : +32 (0)475/33.19.75
Email :
GPS : 50,2033 N – 4,5428 E – ALT / 144 m

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