A nod to our friends bikers.

You walk in our beautiful region, Meuse Valley, Bocq Valley, Molignée Valley ...

Very popular region for its winding roads along rivers, topography and landscape constantly changing, stop a moment to Ahinvaux in Yvoir region (Valley Bocq), you will be surprised by the calm, the serenity of the setting, the welcoming and the quality of the table.

If you are planning a relaxing day (group minimum 15 people), tell us about your visit and the number of people at least one week in advance.

We could also organize different catering meals – for groups from 20 people (adults)

And remember ... bikers, but responsible and yes ... on the road again.

It is with pleasure that we receive from us - and Didier Martine.

Motards.be Passcode: fivedog

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Le Domaine d'Ahinvaux
Fonds d'Ahinvaux, 1
5530 Yvoir ( Belgique )
Road-Yvoir Crupet
in front of N-D de Lourdes cave

Tél. : +32 (0)82/74.54.64
Mobile : +32 (0)476/63.69.70
Mobile : +32 (0)475/33.19.75
Email : infos@ahinvaux.be
GPS : 50,2033 N – 4,5428 E – ALT / 144 m

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